Eligibility : 

>>Students  >>Engineers >>Hobbyists >>Tech-Geeks  >>Young Innovators.

Anybody Who is 18 and Above, Regardless of Their Gender is Open to Participate.

Nationality Should Be Indian.

Application Process:

We Have Kept it Simple!

There is No Stage-Wise Qualification. Just Register, Share and Become the Winner. Below is Following in How You Can Get Selected.

  • Register: Complete the Official Entry Form and Upload At Least One Image With Your Entry.
    • Provide Business and Technical details about your idea.
    • The forms can be found in the *The submissions will be reviewed by a panel of domain experts and Industry and Institutional veterans from Leading Companies and Colleges.
  • Video:You also Have the Option of Submitting Video to Support Your Entry (limited to one video per entry).
      • Maximum Length: Three Minutes.
      • First, Upload Your Video to YouTube.
      • Then, When You Complete the Entry Form, Provide the Link to the Video Where Indicated on the Form. We Cannot Accept any Video Files by e-mail.
      • Video is Optional and Will Not Factor in the Judging For the Major Prizes.
  • Prototypes: It is *NOT MANDATORY to Have a Prototype of your Product. However, if a Working Prototype Does Exist, Please Indicate it on the Entry Form. Entrants are Encouraged to Include an Illustration of their Prototype With the Entry Materials.
  • If you are having Difficulty Submitting Your Entry, Please Contact Us.

Judging Criteria:

Choose One of  the Seven Categories Mentioned in the Design Idea Section for Your Entry:

Provide a Description of Your Entry (Up To 500 Words) in The Form of a Technical Abstract, In English. Your Description Should Cover How the Entry Works, What Makes it Novel, How it Would be Produced, and Where it Would be Applied.

Entries Will Be Judged On These Criteria:

Innovation (50% Of Score) — What Makes the Design Novel? Does it Represent an Important Advance Over the Current State of the Art?

Manufacturability / Applicability (25%) — How Easy Would it be to Implement? Can it be Cost-Effectively Manufactured / Produced?

Viable Marketability (25%) — Does the Idea Have Practical Applications? Is There a Well-Defined, Significant Market for its Use?

Upload at Least One (But Not More Than Three) Visual Illustrations. File Type Options: PDF, GIF, JPEG, PNG. The Visual Illustration(S) Should Complement Your Entry Description And Can Be Drawings, Photos, Charts, or CAD Images.

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