IOT To Prevent Accidents

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This project when implemented will prevent accidents or atleast reduce the number of accidents happening . Accidents are happening due to rash driving on roads and violating of traffic rules . The speed of the vehicle can be controlled by warning the person riding hence it can be safe for the person and the vehicle and the person near by…

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Solar Photovoltaic and Smart Energy Meter based Intraday load forecasting using Arduino ATMEGA328P

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The significant increases in energy consumption at user end create a huge power gap in demand and power supply. Thus creates stress in our existing power grid causing load shedding in different area. With the rapid development in renewable energy resources such as solar, this gap can be minimized. This project presents a noble approach of utilizing solar photovoltaic (SPV)…

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Now a days the public vehicles are rushed with huge crowd and due to which there occurs lots of accidents and so on and moreover , the tickets are still provided by the conductors and some of the “DIS-ADVANTAGES” of manual ticket providing are , =>Appropriate changes for money is not given . =>By mistake the tickets may not be…

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Smart Irrigation and Water Control Prediction System

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Smart Irrigation System – Automated Irrigation System Farmers in India face a lot of problems when it comes to irrigation and water resources, to help them we have created a Smart Irrigation System using Internet of Things, this irrigation system monitors the moisture of the soil and upper and lower Threshold is set whenever the moisture goes below the lower…

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Smart helmet

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 According to a survey, in India two wheelers account for 25% of total road crash deaths. The main reasons for the fatalities are drunken driving, delay in treatment post accident and serious injury sans helmet.  The main objective of this project is to design an intelligent system which will prevent a drunk person from driving and also identify…

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In the poultry industry, one of the tedious process is to produce a chick at a good condition after hatching. the major parameters such as temperature, humidity, are very essential to be monitored in the incubators to get a good yield. the available normal incubators in the market have only the facility of manual monitoring of parameters (a person should…

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