Design Ideas

1. Enabling Sustainability and Developing Smart Homes

“Green” Products That Reduce Dependence on Non-Renewable Energy Resources, as Well as Products Designed for Other Purposes Using Environmentally Friendly Materials or Manufacturing Processes.

2. Mobility is Critical

Designs Which Help Townships or Gated Communities in Cities That Promote the Use of Sustainable Modes Such as Walking, Cycling and Public Transit. Designs Also, Promoting or Suggesting Easy Access to Daily Necessities Through Clean, Safe and Secure Environments and Set Targets for Reducing Carbon Emissions Generated From Motorised Vehicle Use.

3. Enhancing Quality of Everyday Life

With Growing Urbanisation Daily Lie is Changing. Designs That is Quoted With Technology and Making a Breakthrough to Humans and Humanity and Various Technologies to Accomplish Specific Tasks in our Lives.

4. Designing For Urban Farming

9.1 Billion People Who Will Need Access to Fresh Food by 2050. Design That Help Grow Agriculture Cultivate Fresh Crops and Quantifies and Revolutionizes the Way of Farming Done Today.

5. Smart Waste Management of Future

Waste Management is an Important Requirement For Ecologically Sustainable Development. Efficient Sorting of Waste is a Major Issue in Today’s Society. Cool Yet Effective Designs Which Keeps the Potential to Foster Waste Management, Smartly.

6. Energy Efficient Building Control

Design Solution For Planning and Building Energy-Efficient Controls That Works But Does Not Require an Architect Once the Project Starts Onsite.

7. IoT Designs For Future Cities

Integrated With Advanced Technologies, Sensors, IoT Systems and The Next-Level Of Lifestyle, Your Designs Help Architecting The Future Cities.

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