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Now a days the public vehicles are rushed with huge crowd and due to which there occurs lots of accidents and so on and moreover , the tickets are still provided by the conductors and some of the “DIS-ADVANTAGES” of manual ticket providing are ,
=>Appropriate changes for money is not given .
=>By mistake the tickets may not be issued .
=>People may cheat in a very crowded bus by not paying for the tickets.
=>People waiting for the bus in the station do not know how many seats available in the bus.
So the above are the dis advantages of the normal public transports and much are not discussed .
But when we implement IOT in public transport it really changes a lot .
And some of the main “ADVANTAGES ” are,
=>The passegeners can get their seats either by conductors or by swiping the card in the handy machine before their seats and so the changes for tickets , missing of tickets and cheatings are avoided.
=>The handy machine before the seats also provides the exact station that you need to go . And provides the map with distance and the reaching time .
=>The people standing in the station can connect to the bus through wifi before 100 metres
And can see the Starting place and the destination place with their subroutes.
=>And also people in the staion can check the availability of seats in the bus .
=>It also provides seat availability according to the station that are in the sub- routes.for instance:( it shows the available seat in the present station and it also manipulates the people who will exit the bus by next station and provides the availability of the seat at the next station also).
=>This also helps new people in the city to easily decide the destination.
These are the some of the advantages that passengers get from featuring IOT in the public vehicles.
And moreover this system will make the citizens of the country more classy and disciplined.
–> The ticket machine provided before the seats must have a swiping machine , bar code scanner , display integrated with map navigation , required buttons, handy printers and rolls .
–>when the ticket is taken from the ticket machine it automatically engages the seat for you.
–>If ticket is provided by conductor the tickets barcode is shown before the barcode scanner to engage the seat .
–> If non of the seats are available and still if you need to travel in the vehicle by standing, you can get a seat from the conductor and can keep it with you itself .The ticket machine provides the ultimate seat availability to reciever and it is transmitted through tethering and bluetooth to the people in the station.And thats how the IOT featured public transport works

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