Smart Irrigation and Water Control Prediction System

Symbiosis University of Applied Sciences Indore
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Smart Irrigation System – Automated Irrigation System

Farmers in India face a lot of problems when it comes to irrigation and water resources, to help them we have created a Smart Irrigation System using Internet of Things, this irrigation system monitors the moisture of the soil and upper and lower Threshold is set whenever the moisture goes below the lower Threshold a message is sent to the farmers mobile phone through SMS with a link to the webpage where the controls of the water pump (MOTOR ON and MOTOR OFF) will be present and through this webpage the motor can be controlled the let the water out for irrigation and when the soil moisture goes up to the upper level the Motor can be automatically switched off or manually switched off through the webpage given. By the farmer can be relaxed when and when not to irrigate the field based on the moisture of the soil.
We have also added the feature to store the information and data in a database that can be easily accessible by the user.
We can use this data set to predict future values or use this values for Data Analysis.

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