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 According to a survey, in India two
wheelers account for 25% of total road
crash deaths. The main reasons for the
fatalities are drunken driving, delay in
treatment post accident and serious injury
sans helmet.
 The main objective of this project is to
design an intelligent system which will
prevent a drunk person from driving and
also identify accident if any. This system is
capable of providing security and safety to
the bikers against road accidents . The circuit is so designed that the bike won’t
start without wearing helmet and if the
rider is drunk.The idea of our work is that a
biker must wear a helmet in order to start
up his bike, otherwise the bike won’t
start. It also gives information about the
location, in case, the biker meets an
accident. The location of the accident is
given by a GSM module to the cell phones
of family and friends, through an SMS.
Sending the SMS regarding the accident
alone can not help the rider until and
unless the location of the accident is also
known. So as to trace out the location of an
accident, we use a GPS module. Thus an
SMS containing the information about the
accident as well as the location(latitude and longitude) of the area is sent to the family
and friends using a microcontroller.
To protect the rider we have two utmost
important implementation i.e. the GSM and GPS that marks the location of accident and calls for nearest help services and contacts one’s family and friends.

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