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In the poultry industry, one of the tedious process is to produce a chick at a good condition after hatching. the major parameters such as temperature, humidity, are very essential to be monitored in the incubators to get a good yield. the available normal incubators in the market have only the facility of manual monitoring of parameters (a person should be there to monitor the parameters and make a hard copy of it for future use). due to this, labor cost is more, manpower requirement is there and manual errors in maintaining those parameters even affects the chick’s growth directly which leads to low productivity and low profit. Thus our solution is with Sensor data are analyzed and history of data is deployed in cloud for future references. Alerts, notifications and extensive reports based on sensor data (For e.g.: incubation period is about 21 days (18 days of incubation and 3 days of hatching). After completion of each stage, the status will be given as an alert message to the user and if there any fault regarding the function of our device, it will also be given as an alert message). The parameter data can be monitored through mobile application either by digital or graphical data using IOT and in our website also. No such retro-fits are available in the market till date and it is not an expensive replacement to the existing normal incubators, just an add on to turn it into a smart incubator. Another advantage is that the sensor data are cross-verified from two or three sensors and the average is given as the reading. So the possibilities of occurrence of fault is very less. When temperature or gas content raises more than a limit, the fan automatically turns on and when the temperature goes beyond a limit, the heating light turn on automatically and this controls are done by the relay. our innovation is that No such retro-fits are available in the market and it is not an expensive replacement to the existing normal incubators. No need of replacing the available normal incubators totally to buy a smart incubator, just attach this and turn them into a smart one. By this, the huge investment cost to the smart incubators is being reduced. and even in normal incubators, the gas is not monitored. but we monitor the gas content because, the egg shells while incubation, emits certain ppm of CO2 gas out of it and when it is allowed to stay inside the incubator, it may lead to infertile growth of the chick. The pricing strategy is that for example: the cost of an incubator with 5000 eggs is Rs:1,70,000 and the same capacity smart incubator cost around Rs:2,55,000. The cost difference between them is about Rs:85.000. our product will be given to the customers at about Rs: 15,000 to Rs: 20,000. by this, 3/4 of the initial investment is saved for the customers. this is an universal-attachment as just an add-on to all incubator/hatching units.

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