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Problem Statement:
It is difficult for us to handle IOT based applications ,Even Though we are capable of turning ON the appliances from our comfortable place ,we aren’t capable for performing more add-on features. This makes us loose our comfort zone.

Technology Used:
1.Artificial Intelligence=To design Chat-bots to make user access his needed add-on features for the IOT appliances.
2.Internet Of Things(IOT)=To connect electronic appliances to IOT and make things happen in seconds.

Problem Solution:
Step 1:Design an Android Application which is capable for handling IOT operation.
Step 2:Design an Chat-bot and Connect it with the existing application to perform add-on features in it.
Step 3: Thus, Many add-on features can be performed using this CHAT-BOT BASED IOT MONITORING SYSTEM.
Example Working=
Nowadays, we can connect TV ,Fridge ,AC to IOT but we can only either Turn it ON/OFF. With this CHAT-BOT BASED IOT MONITORING SYSTEM we can perform many add on-features by getting information from the user using the chat-bot. The chat-Bot takes the information as a command and performs specific operation.
In case of a TV, The add-on features may be:-
1)Adjusting Volume
2)Changing Channel
3)Connecting to DVD, Speaker etc.;
4)Auto Sleep
5)Auto Recording etc.;
Like wise some of the inbuilt questions will be set up in the chat-bot for each and every IOT appliances and based on the answer the chat-bot will perform the corresponding operation. This makes the IOT more faster and easier to handle many situations rather than responding manually.

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