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Solid Waste is keep on increasing in our country. Urgent management is required. We keep on polluting our environment by throwing un-necessary and non bio degradable wastes in public places. The concept involved in our project is that wastes thrown in the garbage-bin gets automatically managed with the help of solar energy.
Process Involved=
1).Firstly the waste gets separated based on the type whether bio or non bio-degradable.
2).Capacitive Sensors are used for identification of wet and dry wastes.
3).IR-Proximity Sensors are used for checking whether the waste gets completely dumped.
4).Ultra-Sonic Sensors are used for monitoring the quantity of waste.
5).Moisture Sensors are used for classification of bio and non bio-degradable wastes.
6).Also the management of the bins will be completely monitored using IOT System.
7).The wastes gets recycled into re-usable products based on their type using Solar-energy.
8).In case of Decomposable wastes then they can be used for producing fuel ,heat ,electricity and also for combustion process.
9).In case of Non-Decomposable wastes they can be used for generation of reusable plastic bags, water cans, flower pots etc.,

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