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The main idea behind this project is to control energy wastage and home security issue.
Nowadays we are completely surrounded by electrical appliances and major problem is that we are not aware of how much even a small led consume energy in a day, what we just do pay the electrical bill at the end of the month without knowing for what we are paying.
And for home security, major problem is that different security device installation cost is very high and it has to be controlled manually (ON/OFF) and to be working 24×7 in case you are not at home that’s also an energy management issue.
So, what we are proposing is to do is that we will calculate detailed bill and control over all devices. By that, we can control and analyze the real-time energy consumption of any individual appliance. Moreover, we will also compute energy it should consume according to its power and time for which it operates. Then comparing both energy data and if they differ a lot then we can say over the device is faulty and require to be changed.
At the end of the month, we can crosscheck the actual bill, detailed bill and calculated bill for better understanding where we are using much to control and prevent wastage.
For home security, we have made a device that we can control from anywhere (ON/OFF) using google assistance and it will alert you by sending the message on your phone when you are not at home and someone tries to break-in your house.
For calculating the detailed bill, we will calculate the energy consumption of each appliance and send it over the cloud using WIFI module where you can analyze real-time energy consumption graph even as individual device and as overall also. After that, for the calculated bill, we will use rated power and time for which device was ON to show expected energy usage. And if there is not much difference in expected energy usage and calculated energy that’s mean your device is working at optimum condition, otherwise you need repair/change your device.
For Security device, we will give a certain set of instructions to GOOGLE VOICE ASSISTANCE to turn ON and OFF the security sensor. IR sensor will be used to find any intrusion in house, and as soon as someone breaks in, within 5-second message alert will be sent to you or your neighbors. For message alert, we can use any messaging service.

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