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The aim of this paper is to design a greenhouse with shade net and fogger system based on the Internet of things (IOT).A greenhouse is a covered area where plants grow and cultivate. It is also known as land of controlled crops and plants. There are some important parameters to be monitored inside the greenhouse are temperature, relative humidity using the sensors It will start monitoring when its sensor is connected to the internet system via NODEMCU .We also show how internet of things is invading our greenhouse. Internet of things (IOT) was developed for connecting a billion of devices through internet. A huge amount of information is transferred between the electronic devices. It is a new way to interact between device and people. This shows that Internet of things (IOT) will play a major role in day to day life in the future. They reduce the time and man power to control the temperature and humidity inside we must measure the climatic conditions by knowing them we can easily control the two parameters. If temperature is high it we can cover the plants using the shade this can be done using the servo motors . These motors will pull the net and cover the plants . Once this procedure is done we can make water to come out of the fogger and also on the fan so it will cool the temperature inside and the humidity will not be affected . If the intensity of light is more also it will affect the plant so we can use the LDR sensor to find the intensity of light(sunlight)outside and we can also use the shade net to protect from being affect by the intensity of the sunlight.

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