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This an IOT based Home security system. A working prototype already exists. The main purpose of this system is to make the home security affordable to the common man of India. The structure of the system is such that it is highly modular and expandable and has very low maintenance cost. The modern day security systems require us to buy a new system for even minor upgrades, for example if we have a fingerprint recognition service in our system, but we need to add face recognition service as well then we have go for a new upgraded model of the system. Asfaleia solves this problem by following the master slave architecture in which the main controller is the master and all the sensors are its slave, and can be easily added or removed. The system uses already existing hardware so there is no need for adding an external manufacturing unit for the development of the product.

Asfaleia has three functionalities:-
1- Authentication- which is done by both fingerprint recognition and Face recognition
2- Intrusion detection- by the help of motion sensors
3- Notifying the user- by call and email service

The hardware used in the prototype are:
Raspberry pi- the main controller and brains of the system.
Esp8266- forms the slave modules with each sensors.
Arduino- is used for the interfacing of the fingerprint sensor with the raspberry pi.
Beam break sensor, motion sensor- which are used to detect intrusion.
Gas leak sensor- an added functionality in order to detect any gas leakage in the kitchen.

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