IoT enable Man-hole for smart city

Birla Vishvakarma Mahavidyalaya Engineering College
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There are many typical and overlooked problems in our society that don’t seem very dangerous but have really bad consequences. One such problem is overflowing drains, it causes unhygienic conditions that lead to many diseases. The reason this happens is that many-a-times the authorities don’t get the information of drains overflowing very soon and hence can’t take appropriate actions in time.
But imagine, now, that as soon as a drain is about to overflow, the municipality/municipal corporation and/or the local authorities get notified ‘_instantly_’ via email and even a tweet! This instant notification will help the authorities take actions much faster which will lead to not only cleaner and more hygienic environment but also prevention of water-borne and mosquito-transmitted diseases.
It’s a portable IoT based T-style equipment, which can easily be fitted below drainage Man-hole cover. It is mainly used for Real-time tracking of Drainage overflow, where we can see the exact location on the web portal and also notification can be sent via any Messaging server. This equipment will be charged via Solar and Piezoelectric, and having an extraordinary battery life.

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